mutual respect, shared values
WALK FOR PEACE - Sat 2 July 2022
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Walk For Peace Programme
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MIFA - Who are we?
Medway Inter Faith Action (MIFA) is a colourful group of people who have got together to foster friendships across people of different faiths.
We are kindly supported by:
- Rochester Cathedral
- Kent Muslim Welfare Association
- Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'i of Gillingham
- Kent Diocesan Area Justice and Peace (Catholic Faith)
- Chatham Memorial Synagogue
- Rochester Quakers- Religious Society of Friends
- Medway and North Kent Pagans
- Gillingham Ahmadiyya Muslims Association
- North Kent Council for Inter Faith Relations: Kent Thameside
- East Kent Humanists
- Chatham Unitarian Church
- Medway Councillors and individuals

MIFA - Our aims:
- To promote, organise and support Inter-Faith and Multi-Faith activities in the Medway area.
- To promote cohesion and dialogue between the Faiths and Faith Communities in the Medway area.
- To promote mutual respect and understanding.
- To support the Inter Faith Network for the United Kingdom and maintain our membership.
- We organise events and learn about each other's beliefs and faiths.
- We celebrate our differences but focus on our common beliefs and values.

How you can get involved with MIFA
- You can get involved by participating in our activities such as; Forum meetings, Seminars and exhibitions.
- You can take part in our annual Walking for Peace event, or accompany us visiting places of worship; attend others religious festivals, invite us to your events and get to know us.

MIFA - mutual respect, shared values

Check the details of our upcoming events

Saturday 2nd July 2022
Walk For Peace

Get an impression of the past events that we organised.


The most beneficent effect of the tendency towards unity is visible in the cognition of the oneness of God, the oneness of the world and the oneness of humanity. -The Ethics of Judaism - Moritz Lazarus, p.191


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