mutual respect, shared values

Medway Inter Faith Action (MIFA) is a colourful group of people who have got together to foster friendships across people of different faiths. We have a Forum meeting almost every month, at the Medway Council offices, which is open to the public and where everyone is welcome. There are talks and presentations where we explore the beliefs and history of a particular faith; or we discuss a topic that is relevant for the dialogue between religions and people of different faiths and beliefs. We share our values and aspirations and learn to understand and respect each other's world views.

In addition to these regular events, we often organise community activities. Examples are the Pilgrimage for Peace, the Bring & Share Lunch, the Diversity Party and lots more!

These are excellent opportunities to meet new people, have conversations and fun together.

MIFA's aim is to build lasting relationships between the faith communities in Medway. Deeply-held convictions of each person are respected; we hold them with humility and a recognition that not everyone will share our views. Our focus is on the values that we share so that we can work together for our community.

Feel free to turn up at any event and contact us if you have any questions. We always welcome you!

MIFA is affiliated to The Inter Faith Network for the UK.

MIFA Constitution

What is Inter Faith Dialogue?
The term interfaith dialogue refers to cooperative, constructive and positive interaction between people of different religious traditions and/or spiritual or humanistic beliefs, at both the individual and institutional levels. It is distinct from syncretism or alternative religion, in that dialogue often involves promoting understanding between different religions or beliefs to increase acceptance of others, rather than to synthesize new beliefs.


Officers for 2018-Present
Mr Ajaib Hussain

Vice Chair:
Ms Beth Atkins

Mr John Caruana

Mr Keith Harrison

Executive Committee:
  • Ajaib Hussain - Kent Muslim Welfare Association
  • Dean Philip Hesketh - Dean of Rochester Cathedral (Church of England)
  • Jon Weiner - Chair of Chatham Memorial Synagogue
  • Fethia Zrari - Medway Arabic School
  • John Caruana - Kent Diocesan Area Justice and Peace (Catholic faith)
  • Faran Forghani - Secretary of Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Gillingham
Co-opted members:
  • Jabeen Sethi - Medway Ahmadiyya Muslims
  • Malik Zubair - Misbah Networking

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